Jai Courtney For Esquire By Stewart Shining! BTS After The Jump!

Stewart's comments on shooting Jai: "

So this was the first time I’d photographed Jai, and you know he always plays such tough strong guys on screen, I was a little nervous that he’d be a bit stand off-ish in real life.


But you know, he was totally the opposite.  I mean i really actually loved the fact that for the first couple of shots, he was a bit reserved.  There’s always a give and take and a kind of “dance” for lack of better words that happens with an actor and a photographer when they’re working together for the first time.


A few shots into we just really hit a rhythm.  He was GREAT to shoot.  Super good natured, funny, Aussie.  We saved the most complicated shot for last, with the parachute.  Too make sure I had some pieces of the shoot to play with in post, Nick Sullivan, Esquire’s esteemed Fashion Director, threw the shoot on.  Within a second Jai had jumped in to control the wind machines to try and help to get it just right.  


Man, the guy is just a really cool, TALENTED, dude."